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Bazzi Bat Company LLC is a manufacturer of high quality wooden baseball bats. We manufacture and sell adult, teen, and youth bats. Adult bats we primarily use hard maple whereas with youth bats we use ash. We also sell a variety of other baseball related products such as souvenir bats, trophy bats, hitting sticks, coat racks, and fungos.


Why pay more?

What makes a good bat is good wood. I use the same Prime Grade wood that is used to make professional bats. Don't let them fool you into spending double the cost of a Bazzi bat. I have very low overhead and that is why I can charge less. You will not be disappointed!!!

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Every bat is made from the finest wood available to bat makers. We use only hand split billets for our bats. This assures that the bats will be as strong as possible. Unlike larger companies we carry a small inventory which assures that your bat has not been hanging on a rack for a long time. The price of our bats cannot be matched. You can spend double the money on a bat that can be no better quality than what we manufacture. Our bats are also truly handmade. There is no computer or automated process involved.


Our bats are made to your order. We have a large variety of colors to choose from. We offer free engraving and also offer cupping.


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